Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lots going on at Critter Camp!

Lots of new things happening at Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary!
Where we care for over 240 abandoned, abused, or otherwise homeless exotic & unusual pets
Corvette Raffle! Early Bird Prize of Las Vegas Trip!
Benefits Critter Camp Exotic Pet sanctuary & Guardian Angel Basset Rescue!
Tickets are only 10$ !
See Critter Camp's latest newsletter:
Hammies! Piggy! Mousies! More!
Having trouble keeping your pets (*other than cats & dogs*) duringJob Loss, Foreclosure, Natural Disaster, and more?
Check out Critter Camp's Emergency Help program funded by a grant from the PETCO Foundation-
Critters include: 20 bunny rabbits, 2 beardies,13 degus, 20 ferrets,
33 guinea piggies,over 20 ratty rats,precious Zoey the fennec fox,
Meeko & Guinness the kinkajous, 9 sugar gliders, 6 hedgies,
parrots, dove, mousies, gerbies, hammies, 2 chickens and more!!!!